About Troy Capital, LLC

We are a national debt buyer of delinquent consumer and commercial loans. We utilize sophisticated proprietary analytics and a carefully selected set of service providers to effect debt recovery across the United States.

At Troy Capital we consistently adhere to all regulatory, seller and DBA compliance requirements and guidelines. We also effectively manage our service providers through both systemic and personal interactions to ensure that they also conform to all compliance related rules and laws. Through these combined efforts we are proud to say that since our formation in 2007 we have had only a limited number of consumer related complaints formally presented to us.

We attribute our excellent financial results and unparalleled consumer relations record to a combination of always trying to treat people honestly, fairly, and well within the legal parameters associated with debt collections. A fundamental part of our approach is that we do not engage in a high volume telephone call strategy that is a common practice in the industry. In fact, we place very few accounts with agencies and only use one or two highly trusted and compliance proven companies that embrace our philosophies.

Also, we do not pressure the companies we use to deliver a certain amount of money every month, which we feel reduces the potential for collection related complaints.

What all this adds up to is that we keep the preservation of our good reputation and that of the sellers who do business with us as a top priority. Our mandate is to be ethical in everything we do. To do that consistently we know that striving to treat every consumer we deal with in a respectful, lawful and honest way cannot knowingly be compromised.


We purchase a diverse range of debt product types from reputable creditors, with major banks and major auto lenders being the direct or indirect sellers we do business with most frequently.

Troy Capital, LLC is self-funded and offers quick closing on purchases. We also provide sellers and our service providers exceptional support and cooperation.

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Chief Compliance Officer: R Willey
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